“CPD is an absolute delight to work with. After the initial consultation, there was an understanding of the overall design aesthetic, exactly what the finished product should be, and a complete vision of how the materials should relate, which is so important, particularly when working from two different cities, even without fabric samples. I was a fan before, but now I'm fanatical!!” 

Rick Barton-Weins, NYC, NY


"I love working with Marilie at Cord & Pleat Design. She is always available with new ideas & is a great problem solver."

"Marilie's work is beautiful & her taste is superb!"

 "Marilie is always open to visiting my job site if there is something that needs her personal attention. She definitely goes above & beyond!"


Julie Wiscaver Creative Design Tulsa, OK


“I have used Cord & Pleat Design as my specialty workroom for a number of years.  Marilie Smock is the ultimate professional, having perfected her craft through many training courses and seminars.  She has a design degree, which gives her an understanding of design and manufacturing that the average workroom does not have. Her work is impeccable, as she gives every detail her closest attention. The more challenging the project, the more she shines.  She has a five star rating in my book.”


Jana McKee, Tulsa, OK

Retired, Fabricut, Inc

Showroom Manager 40 yrs