Definition: French Blackout Lining

As in many industries we Drapery Makers throw around terms that most others don’t understand. So I’d like to try to define some of those for you as best I can.

Today, I’d like to help you understand what is meant by the term.

French Blackout Lining Method – basically, it means a way line either panels or a top treatment to achieve light blocking. I avoided the use of the term “blackout” here – because no window treatment can achieve  totally darkness, but with many methods we can come close.

This method of blackout achieves the effect of Blackout lining (a lining that is created by fusing a “rubberized” backing on to lining) without the stiffness and limitations of that product.

It is achieved by using 4 layers of fabric to create this effect: First is your Face or Decorator fabric, Second, a layer of Drapery Interlining (a flannel type product), next is a layer of Black Lining, followed by a layer of standard Drapery lining. By using these layers you create a nearly blackout effect. The key to this process is a tightly woven Black Lining. You can tell this by holding a flashlight behind the lining – the less light you see coming through the better.

I prefer this method to lining panels because they hang better and look very plush and rich. It’s also a great insulation factor for both heat and cold. It also creates much weight in you treatment so make sure that it is secured properly when installing.

The drawback to this method is that is much more labor intensive thus costing more upfront but I believe that the benefits of protecting your drapery fabric and insulation out weight the cost in the long run.