a tribute to Mother's and inspiring women everywhere!

It just "HIT" me ---- Sunday is Mother's day!

Now I'm  thinking about how much I owe to some pretty amazing women, who have inspired me and supported me over the years!

Of course first there's my mother...Marilyn

As a child I was always told that I was so like my father (and this is very true) but as I've gotten older and starting growing into the person I am becoming - I hear more and more - how like my Mother I am!!  My Dear Husband sees the similarities very clearly. My mother always told me that I should know who I was a woman, to know that I could (if I had to) support myself and to learn to love myself (flaws and all)! As  a child and teen I never really appreciated her words - I wanted to please everyone and be liked - to "fit in". But now I can happily say - I love it when I don't fit in and when I stand up for myself and others. My mother would say - I've grown a backbone! So yes, I'm like my mother and darn proud of it!!

Now stepping a little further back...my Father's Mother -  Martha B. (pictured here on right in striped skirt)

A woman a head of her time in many ways - she was a department store executive when most women still worked in the home, she was small plane pilot and most definitely the center of all our family gatherings from the time I was in college til she passed in 1999. She like all of us was very human and had great qualities and traits and flaws - but I am so proud to say she was my grandmother - even though she never let any of us grandkids call her that!! And she would end every family "discussion" - "Because I'm the MOMMA, and I say so" This was never to be questioned!

My Mother's Mother - Virginia Mae (Pictured here w/my Grandfather - Pete and eldest Daughter Carol)

Another formidable woman - raised 4 children, helped run a dairy farm, sewed, quilted, cooked from scratch. And passed away much too early from Ovarian Cancer. She along with my mother taught me to hand sew - and trust me if it wasn't right it all had to come out and be done over. I was honored when I was married to wear the wedding dress (re-made by for me by my Mother)  that was made by her and worn by my mother and her 2 sisters. My mother was careful to re-use every small hand covered button that her mother had made! They taught me a skill, created in me love of creating and pride in a job well done!


I'd also like to take the time to mention my MIL - Velma (Pictured here w/my Father-In-Law Cecil)

She's actually my stepmother in law but that just seems the wrong title for her. She is the newest addtion to my list of wonderful, strong, and inspiring women. Without missing a beat this woman entered my husbands family and simply fit right in and has treated all of us with much love and kindness. She has encouraged, supported and sometimes just listen as I have many times just needed an ear to bend and shoulder to learn on. She has children of her own from her previous marriage but still has made an effort to get to know me and spend time with me and be such a wonderful supporter and encourager of me and my business.

So to all of them both here and gone I say thank you. Thank you for your love, support, encouragement and inspiration. I will endever to pass it on the courage and inspiration to the future generations, my stepdaughter and the future wives of my nephews, that I am blessed to share a bit of their lives!