A Perfect Fit...

Have you ever looked at a beautifully dressed window and thought something was off? just not right about it?

Well, more than likely it was the proportions & fit of the treatment that were causing this effect. Proportion and fit is as important in your window treatments as it is in your clothes. think of your window treatments as “clothes” for your home.

Let me show your an example to help you see the difference in poor proportion and proper proportion. Take a look the following sketches and then I’ll discuss which treatment is in proportion with the window.

These window are all the same size but as you can see the valances are are different lengths.

If your proportions are to small your treatment can come across as skimpy and may look as thought you didn’t have enough fabric or as an after thought!

If your proportions are to large your window can look heavy and over done. While “lavish” is wonderful in Interior Design – making the proportions larger will not achieve that effect. Instead focus on rich looking fabrics and plush trim.

You guessed it – This proportion is the winner! Both the side panels and the valances are in proportion with the window!


How can you achieve the “perfect” proportion in your home? By using a professional Window Treatment designer and/or interior designer can assist you with finding the “perfect fit” for your windows!

09 Mar, 2010

Marilie SmockComment