So much for a lazy Sunday...

I spent the day at my showroom/studio cleaning and working on some french black out panels that are now ready for the designer to tell me the finished length which she promised me last week. Oh, well.

I also realized how much I still have to get done before my anniversary/open house on April 2nd. So much to do and so little time, I will probably enlist the assistance of my friends and family to help me get everything done and still stay caught up on all the jobs in the studio. I feel truly blessed to be staying so busy during these uncertain times.

On the lighter side...Why is it just when you think you've got a job figured out - it seems to change over nite? When I cut the widths for this next set of panels - I thought I would get a full 2 widths of after studying the widths I realized to match the pattern properly, I would have to match almost halfway into the 2nd panel. Oh well, no harm no foul (as my husband says) - I looked at the notes from the designer again and I can cover the window with only a width a half each panel - but now we will have excess rings....hope the client can return them.

I think I will always be learning in this business - if I stop maybe learning - I should just retire????

Marilie SmockComment