Road Tripping it today!!!

I love road trips I discovered the joy of them in college and then when I was serving in missions - just traveling in the car - mostly by myself enjoying my tunes and the scenery! No matter the time of year. I find it enjoyable and almost like recharging my batteries.

I'm hoping and praying that today will be that way. I'm on my way to southern Kansas to make adjustments for a Decorator on a job. Not looking forward to it, so please keep me in your prayers. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to make this Decorator "happy" but I will try as I always do to make things right in her eyes.

Afterwards, I hope to get to take a quick side trip to visit a colleague in Joplin - it just depends on how the time goes with the adjustments. I know that will be the fun part of the journey.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post after I return today - some pics and a more positive message. Prayers and "happy thoughts" are definitely in need for me today.

Marilie SmockComment