Mirror, Mirror on the wall....

"Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of all?" Most of us know this as a line from Snow White. But as I start this week I wonder if any of us really ask that question when we look in our Mirrors?

We look - check our hair, our makeup - even look between our teeth for food but do we REALLY see? I'm not talking about asking if we are "beautiful" on the outside - but really using the mirror to look within ourselves and see both the beauty and the flaws that exists in each one of us.

Well, I for one am trying to be brave enough to view myself as I am beauty & flaws! It's not always fun - but I trust that I will grow from the experience and truly become a better person from it with His help.

I want to learn to do the small acts of kindness that many of our parents taught were just common courtesy. To allow others to check out before us in the grocery line - especially when our cart if chocked full and they only have one or two things or maybe they have a child that is being hard to handle or just because we had that little nudge in our spirit! To slow down and take time while we drive or walk and not "plow" others out of our way....even when they are driving us "crazy". To show a bit of kindness to a complete stranger look them in the eye and smile...something so simple and yet we in our "hurry" forget to do it. There are thousands of other ways we can do simple small things - and none of it costs us a penny...just a bit of kindness and courtesy. Both of which are returned twice over when we give them out.

I'm definitely a selfish human and no where near where I want to be...but I'm willing to keep trying...are you???

16 Mar, 2009

Marilie SmockComment