Lists, Lists, and More Lists

I admit it I'm horrible at making lists...and then when I get them made, I forget where I put them much less use them. But I am definitely addicted to the feeling you get when you get things crossed off them.

Panic set in last evening when I realized I had 30 days til my 7th anniversary/open house!!! So much to do, so little time....the ageless story. So I'm currently working on a list to take me up to exciting date!! Also, I need to make a list to keep myself on track this week of jobs that need done - broken down into bite sized pieces. So far this week I've found that I'm a bit scattered and easily distracted (that's a new on for me right?)

So for all those who love lists and those who like me keep mental lists - here I go I'm plunging into the list arena for this month...I'm actually going to get those lists out of my head and written down.

Now, the big decision (as I sit and drink my AM Caffeine) is do I make a list the old fashion way - with pen and paper or use my computer - since it seems to be one of my major distractions at the moment. And even more scary do I dare post this list here on my "blog" (still getting use to that term) - so that you, my friends and "cyber" friends can help hold me accountable...

Well, I'm off to ponder that and all the hard questions for the day...check back for my decision - or voice your opinion.

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